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Advantages of Using Vinyl Signs For Businesses


Prior to digital media and the age of the Internet, printed advertisements often lacked a spark. Signs typically featured very simple graphics that were simply not eye-catching to consumers. However, this has drastically changed in modern times; banners now feature incredibly high-quality graphics thanks to digital printing. If you own or operate a business and you are considering the use [...]

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Three Window Film ‘Life Hacks’ for Your Home and Family


The term ‘life hack’ is tossed around a lot these days. Life hacks are those simple little tricks designed to make your life easier with minimal effort -- like using the end of a straw to hull a strawberry, or fashioning a speaker for your cell phone out of a toilet paper roll holder; even adding ice cubes to the [...]

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Hit the Road in Comfort and Style, with SFF Automotive Window Film


We spend countless hours in our vehicles commuting to and from work, traveling to sports events, competitions, social engagements, family celebrations, holiday road trips and more. With all of this time spent in our vehicles, and a growing understanding of how important it is to reduce UV exposure to our skin and eyes – it is surprising that more families aren’t aware of the important [...]

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It’s Back to the Future Wallpaper


After years of being in the doldrums the interior wallpaper business has got a new lease of life. WALLPAPER is back in fashion. Do not think of the dowdy paper that decorated your grandparents’ home, think of fresh, attention-getting patterns. Interior wallpaper adds a dimension to a room that a plain coat of paint doesn’t. Designers and their clients are looking for [...]

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