We spend countless hours in our vehicles commuting to and from work, traveling to sports events, competitions, social engagements, family celebrations, holiday road trips and more. With all of this time spent in our vehicles, and a growing understanding of how important it is to reduce UV exposure to our skin and eyes – it is surprising that more families aren’t aware of the important benefits professionally installed window film can deliver. It provides real peace of mind to families while they spend all of these hours in the car.

While family road trips can be truly fun, they can also be stressful at times. Professionally installed window film not only creates a more comfortable cabin, it might even reduce the number of times your very uncomfortable younger passengers will ask “are we there yet?” Here’s how.

Window film can block up to 99% of UV rays to help keep our skin and eyes more protected and healthy. It can also dramatically reduce glare – which can make the driving experience easier on your eyes as well as the sight-seers riding with you, no matter how bright the sun is shining. Window film can also reduce solar heat gain within the cabin of your vehicle. This means the seats might not feel like they’re sizzling when you hop in to hit the road on a sunny day, and because your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard to cool the cabin, you may also use less fuel.
At SFF We offer a range of automotive window film from Tints to Smash & Grab. We have a network of professional installers to ensure you film is fitted perfectly. We also sell window film for DIY. So give us a call or drop us an email and start enjoying the benefits of Automotive Window Film.