The term ‘life hack’ is tossed around a lot these days. Life hacks are those simple little tricks designed to make your life easier with minimal effort — like using the end of a straw to hull a strawberry, or fashioning a speaker for your cell phone out of a toilet paper roll holder; even adding ice cubes to the dryer to remove wrinkles from your clothes. Life hacks help us breathe a little easier, and sometimes we didn’t even know we needed them. But when we discover them, they can be life-saving.

Did you know there are also life hacks that are just as easy as adding ice cubes to the dryer, but which have far-reaching implications on your family’s health and safety? And none involve listening to rattling ice cubes…

Consider professionally installed window film a multi-purpose life hack. A thin sheet of film added to windows in your home, and car, provides an invisible layer that protects people and furnishings from all sorts of potential damage, both cumulative and immediate. Read on for details on how professionally installed window film can be one of your most important life hacks!

Life Hack #1 – Window film as sunblock for your family (with no mess!)

Sunblock may conjure memories of slippery, weird-smelling lotion that that we slather on our skin before heading outside, but protection from UV rays coming in through your windows can be far less messy. Windows in the car and home that have had window film installed provide protection from 99% of UV rays, preventing damage to skin just like, perhaps even better than, your favorite sunscreen.

Life Hack #2 – Window film as a preservative for your furnishings

Did you know that the glare of the sun slowly but surely wreaks havoc on your home’s interior over time? As with our skin, the damage is cumulative, but the results can be stunning. If you’ve ever seen a living room rug fade beyond recognition, you can blame the sun for the damage!

Which brings us to another great life hack. Window film protects your home’s interior from the sun’s destructive rays: no more faded rugs or upholstery; curtains retain their rich color; and artwork is protected. Another great thing? Windows don’t need to be tinted to block the sun. Even clear window films protect the interior and block glare without affecting the look and feel of your home.

Life Hack #3 – Window film as storm barrier

With global warming and the vast changes in weather patterns, weather today can be unpredictable. A warm sunny day can turn into a stormy tempest. With storms come high winds that can pelt windows with airborne objects. A simple layer of professionally and permanently installed window film provides a strengthening layer that holds many shards of shattered glass together, helping to keep your family safe and your home intact.

As you can see, window film is a life hack that goes far beyond wrinkled clothes or sub-standard sound for your iPhone to make your life easier and safer. Window film offers unobtrusive protection for the people and things you hold dear and involves minimal effort. Just as a life hack should.