After years of being in the doldrums the interior wallpaper business has got a new lease of life. WALLPAPER is back in fashion. Do not think of the dowdy paper that decorated your grandparents’ home, think of fresh, attention-getting patterns. Interior wallpaper adds a dimension to a room that a plain coat of paint doesn’t. Designers and their clients are looking for different ways to get the WOW factor without having to use more expensive items, such as tiles, stone or costly textile fabrics, and wallpaper does a great job of this.

What’s trending?

Try tradition with a new twist – the old-fashioned patterns are still popular but done in large proportion and vibrant colors. The look is one that can work even in modern settings, but because the look can be a bit busy, this pattern is for areas where people don’t spend a lot of time, for example a foyer or a powder room, or just paper one wall in a room. Not only is creating a feature wall a returning trend among interior designers, but it is a less costly way to bring interest to a room.

Try state of the art finishes -texture adds another dimension to many wallpapers. Improvement in manufacturing technology now allows wallpaper to have raised textures and embellishments that were not possible a few years ago.

Try eco chic – embrace the world of nature on your walls. Grass and leaf designs are very popular at the moment. Use pictures of forests, mountains and lakes to paper one wall and bring nature into your home.

And – do not forget your ceilings. Wallpaper is not just for walls. Imagine lying under the night sky looking at the stars or the northern lights while cuddled up in a warm bed.

SFF offers a wide range of digitally printed textured wallpaper. With our in-house design team, wallpapers can be custom designed to suit your style and vision. Simply take a pic of your wall(s), send it to us via email with your design requirements, and let us change the mundane into something memorable.