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SFF Floor Graphics


SFF has introduced a new line of signage graphics to our portfolio – Floor Graphics. Floor graphics are becoming more and more common in any retail shop where customers walk or stand. You can see them in retail outlets, malls and even airports. “Many stores use floor graphics to announce their hottest specials and introduce new products. Unheard of a [...]

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Protect Your Shop Window Displays with SFF window film


Protect Your Shop Window Displays with SFF window film There’s no telling what can happen to your shop when you lock up for the night. The presence of thieves, vandals, and other menacing threats means there’s no guarantee of the safety of your merchandise and building. Unless you have SFF Window Film. Our Safety & Security Window Film can protect [...]

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Why We Tint: Our Perspective


Why We Tint: Our Perspective We have been in the window film industry for a very long time. We have worked with families all across the province helping them to improve their quality of life in so many different ways. The impact that our work has on families in their day to day lives is a huge motivating factor when [...]

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