The need for quality Decorative Glass Frosting is increasing, because of its popularity. Solar Film Foundation (SFF) is able to supply the broadest range of decorative films available today at the most competitive prices.At Solar Film Foundation (SFF) they are always looking for ways to better serve their customers and have taken steps to innovate every step of the way.

Their reputation for excellence in the quality of product and customer support, combined with a future-oriented spirit, has made Solar Film Foundation (SFF) an innovative leader in this market especially with Decorative Glass Frosting. To maintain this position and strengthen their competitiveness in the market, they will continue to develop new techniques and to improve their production capabilities.

The Solar Film Foundation (SFF) features a collection of Decorative Glass Frosting designed beautifully. Available in an assortment of styles, colours, and levels of light transmission. Their Decorative Glass Frosting is a great way to add varying degrees of privacy to your windows.

Decorative Glass Frosting provides a simple, hassle-free way to decorate your windows. Their Frosted Glass Films can be easily installed at a fraction.

Solar Film Foundation (SFF) offers Decorative Glass Frosting that is open unlimited in possibilities of design, allowing you to bring vibrant colour, visual effect and graphic patterns to otherwise boring glass surfaces in commercial and residential spaces. Sometimes called “matte” films, these products include those that are both translucent and opaque. White and bronze “frost” films diffuse very high visible light transmission and allow privacy by perfectly emulating sandblasted glass, scattering transmitted light without substantially blocking it.

A widening array of frosted patterns offer ready-made designs, as simple to install as traditional films. Frosted squares, wide or narrow stripes (for the vertical and venetian blind look), small dot patterns, etc., are just a few of the designs now standard in the inventory. Solar Film Foundation (SFF) also offers textured vinyl films with Brushed Crystal, Cracked Glass, and a host of other interesting optical designs and effects.

They work closely with Architects, Engineers and Property management groups on their existing and new building designs and projects, to reduce heat gains and cooling loads thereby improving occupant comfort. They have reached the stage where their films are being specified by various architects and engineers during the design phase of projects and not just as a retrofit solution. For more information, please go to Solar Film Foundation (SFF).