Paint and Headlight Protection Film

Your vehicles paint is the most important aesthetic feature. Paint Protection improves the look of the vehicle while preserving the quality of the paintwork. Your vehicle will always look “new”.  Very few things are worse than the dissatisfaction of having a boring and faded looking car.

Our paint protection film is the cost effective choice for vehicle protection. The tough properties of this film will protect the most vulnerable painted surfaces of your vehicle.

Our Paint Protection Films eliminates paint chips and damages caused by stones, bugs or abrasions. The film conforms to the curvature of your vehicle and is easy to apply and remove when needed. This makes it perfect for bumpers, door handle cavities, side mirrors, bonnets, door edges, boot edges, headlights, taillights and rocker panels.

SFF has accredited installation partners all across sub-Saharan Africa, making installation quick and easy. For more information about how SFF can help you go green, call us on +27 31 573 9000 today. We will be happy to help.

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