Individual Product Limited warranty

SFF warrants to the Distributor, graphics manufacturer and the end user for whom a graphic was produced that each SFF product will be free of the defects listed below and supplied to the specifications of the official SFF technical data sheet in effect at the time of purchase. Additional warranties, if any, offered   by the distributor or graphics manufacturer are separate and exclusive of the SFF warranty.

Expected performance life

Expected performance life is a reliable expectation of the period of time that the unprinted, unprocessed SFF product should perform satisfactorily for its intended purpose when applied to flat, vertical, substrates in a non-abusive environment. Expected performance life is not a warranted period of time.

Defect Coverage for Window Film

SFF will replace all defected window film and media should it experience defects such as adhesion failure, peeling, bubbling, blistering, delamination or de-metallization, printing and cutting defects (done by SFF only) and graphic appearance defects for the duration of the applicable term. This limited warranty coverage begins on the date of installation, is extended to the original buyer only and is not transferable. Warranty claim values are limited to the amount of the customers original purchase invoice, prorated for the defective product.

SFF is not liable for any losses and/or damages as a result of poor installation quality, improper maintenance, cleaning abuse, or non-complying uses of the window film, vinyl or wallpapers.

SFF and/or its dealer’s liability is limited to the warranty provided herein and no other warranties or representations are provided. No person is authorized to modify, change, or extend the terms of this limited warranty or to assume or create any obligations or liabilities for SFF.