Privacy Window Film

SFF privacy window films secures your property from prying eyes and inquisitive neighbours.

Securing your valuables at home near windows and doors can be challenging during the daytime hours. Closing blinds, curtains or having net curtains can make the room dark or indicate to a potential thief that your property is empty, something police service advise against.

SFF privacy films can be divided into two main categories:

Daytime one-way privacy:  The privacy is achieved by providing a reflective appearance on one side of the glass whilst allowing vision from the other side. The film works on a light balance, with the side of the film that is the brightest exhibiting the reflective properties. During daylight hours this is always the side of the film facing outwards, making it ideal for daytime privacy.

Two-way privacy: can be guaranteed with the application of our frosted range of films. Once applied, this versatile film gives windows the appearance of sandblast glass, preventing vision from both sides of the pane whilst allowing high levels of light to pass through. The film provides an immediate and stylish privacy solution

SFF has accredited installation partners all across sub-Saharan Africa, making installation quick and easy. For more information about how SFF can help you go green, call us on +27 31 573 9000 today. We will be happy to help.

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