Privacy Window Film

Windows are a valuable source of light as well as providing a welcome view to the outside world. Sometimes however, when privacy is needed, SFF can help you gain that privacy in a stylish and effective way.

SFF offers two types of privacy window film, which are available in a wide range of finishes:

  • Full Time two-way privacy
  • Daytime one-way privacy

Daytime one-way privacy can be achieved with an application of a reflective window film. The film appears reflective on the brighter side of the glass, which is always the external side during daylight hours, thus preventing vision thru the glass. The view from inside out is maintained. Reflective privacy is suitable for both internal and external application, however a light balance ratio of 3:1 (light to dark) is needed for optimum performance.

Two-way privacy can be achieved with an application of our frosted range of films or solid colour vinyl.

Our frosted window film will give your glass the appearance of acid etched glass, preventing vision both ways whilst still allowing high levels of light to pass through the glass. Our frosted vinyl can be computer cut or printed to take the form of patterns, logos and even artwork or designs which help create a truly bespoke privacy film.

Solid colour vinyl’s are available in a range of colours that will block vision and a large proportion of the light. Vinyl is a good choice for blocking unsightly views or for branding and logos designs after a window film application.

SFF has accredited installation partners all across sub-Saharan Africa, making installation quick and easy. For more information about how SFF can help you go green, call us on +27 31 573 9000 today. We will be happy to help.

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