When it comes to creating a statement, you must always consider the design of your creation, decorative window films are a popular choice for several reasons. Decorative films are available in a variety of colours, patterns and styles to meet any design aesthetic and can also be used for both exterior and interior applications.

Glass windows are being used at an increasing rate in buildings. Decorative glass film products are being spec-ed by builders and architects to add art and designs to the large amount of glass in buildings. Decorative window films take advantage of and use the light from the glass whether the light source comes from the sun or from inside lighting. These design opportunities are being utilised by architects through the introduction of decorative films.

Although artistic ability is a big plus when undertaking more complex decorative window designs, a variety of techniques can be used to trace cut an image into film.

Such techniques include printing a design template on paper, projecting an image onto the film, or using simple shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles. Popular applications include designs that promote a particular business attribute, such as a tropical scene for a travel agency, waves for coastal-based tourist stores, and simple circles and squares for corporate environments. Visit SFFOnline for a visual choice when purchasing for a DIY project or call our offices to chat with our sales consultants.

In addition to providing architects and homeowners with an artistic option, decorative films can also provide an opportunity for installers. Most dealers purchasing decorative window films are the more progressive window tinters in the market. They see the market changing – changing customer needs, changing product lines, and thus, more competitors. The dealers that recognise these changes and want revenue increases are the ones that will expand in this direction and take the markets available to them. It is creative business survival strategy.

There is an abundance of markets for decorative films, including an unlimited amount of point-of-purchase retail storefront work to design and install. There are thousands of builders and architects to introduce the products to and there are millions of square feet of glass out there to cover with decorative designs.

Our Designer is available to work on any project for any need, and custom design work is acceptable. For a DIY project of a ready-made film, please visit SFFOnline for self-purchase and delivery, or call SFF HQ on 031 573 9000.