Paint Protection Film Durban

Your vehicles paint protection film is the most important aesthetic feature. Paint Protection improves the look of the vehicle while preserving the quality of the paintwork. Your vehicle will always look “new” with protection films Durban SFF.  Very few things are worse than the dissatisfaction of having a boring and faded looking car.

Our protection film Durban is the cost-effective choice for vehicle protection. The tough properties of this film will protect the most vulnerable painted surfaces of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s appearance can be damaged or weathered by many different factors. Solar Film Foundation Protection Film has been specifically created to provide you with a reliable, durable method to ensure one of your most valuable possessions stays in excellent condition. Speak to a professional automobile film installer today and get your car the quality paint protection it deserves.

As the world leaders in the supply of car tinting and protective auto film, SFF has the experience, expertise and knowledge required to ensure you get the finest product to meet your needs. When it comes to maintenance of your vehicle’s appearance, our protection film is perfect because:

Our Protection Film eliminates paint chips and damages caused by stones, bugs or abrasions. The film conforms to the curvature of your vehicle and is easy to apply and remove when needed. This makes it perfect for bumpers, door handle cavities, side mirrors, bonnets, door edges, boot edges, headlights, taillights and rocker panels.

If protection film can withstand the high-speed impacts from stone’s, bugs,and general debris on a track day, the only question is, why wouldn’t you have Protection Film applied to your vehicle for everyday use, keeping that all important original paint work in pristine condition?

One thing to remember, Paint Protective Film isn’t designed to improve the look of your vehicle, it’s designed and applied to protect the paintwork on the vehicle. Protection Film is a sacrificial layer, keeping the more important original paintwork immaculate!