Window, Doors and Gate Manufacturers

  • Whenever you are doing a quotation with a client, offer them the opportunity to have their window filmed.
  • The cost of tinted glass is exorbitant compared to window filming.
  • Offer it to them for “free”, if you are determined to land a large contract but work the cost into your quote.
  • The window filming can be done in your workshop, prior to the installation
  • Our range our decorative sandblast and blackout window film will certainly add more variety and choice to your catalogue.
  • Safety and Security window films, offers added protection to 3,4,5 mil float glass, it re-inforces this thin glass and stops flying shards of glass when breakages do occur. Safety window film works perfectly on the back of mirrors as well.

By incorporating Solar Film Foundation’s window film into your existing business, you gain the advantage of:-

  • Differentiating the products and services you offer from your competitors i.e. you become a one-stop shop. This could also mean the difference between you winning a tender or not.  You could add in “free” window tinting with your quote.
  • Enhancing the brand perception of your products.
  • Increasing the selling price and resale value of your current products by offering combo specials.
  • Enhancing your business bottom-line by creating a new income source.

For more on window film and vinyl contact Lorraine on 031 573 9009