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What is the process of heat reduction window film?


Heat reduction window film is composed of treated micro-thin layers of film that block direct heat and reduce the summer heat that comes through the window. These window films reduce glare and heat without obscuring the view The new year-round, energy-control window films are not difficult to install, and they do work. These films have a microscopically thin low-emissivity layer of metal to block heat gain during [...]

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Why Glare Reduction Films are Needed?


Glare reduction films create a range of benefits for the homeowner, both in aesthetics and in practicality. Using window film to reduce glare is cost effective, energy efficient, and multi-purpose, providing more than just a reduction in glare alone. Why Glare Films are needed Glare can cause all kinds of problems for those in a room with bright light outside, the [...]

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Commercial Glare reduction Films


The sun’s glare can be a problem all year round, with the levels of bright light transmitted through windows and glass causing potential visibility and comfort issues. An application of glare reduction film from SFF can instantly make your premises more comfortable. Whether it is the long bright days of summer, or the low lying nature of the sun during [...]

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