Window film is an essential part of your shop fits when dealing with windows and glass partitions. SFF offers you a range of decorative film that will put you steps ahead of your competitors, ensuring you offer your clients unique ideas and materials to meet their design needs. With an in-house design studio, SFF can custom design window films to match any aesthetic, color theme, and creative imagination. And starting from R80 per sqm, SFF offers you the most affordable window film solutions on the market.

Points to note for Shopfitters:

  • The application of window film is much the same as the application of graphic/wall vinyl.
  • Shopfitters are often asked whether they can install the window film as well.
  • Window film, be it tint or decorative, when applied can really highlight a room’s appearance
  • Whenever you are doing a quotation with a client, offer them the opportunity to have their glass filmed.
  • The cost of tinted/sandblasted glass is exorbitant compared to window filming
  • Safety and Security window films are Ideal for shop fronts, as they offer added protection to 3,4,5 mil flat glass, it reinforces the glass and stops flying shards of glass when breakages do occur.
  • Offering this service will give you the advantage of securing more contracts.
  • And not to mention enhance your bottom line

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