Property Management

Unhappy tenants can be made happy tenants by the installation of SFF’s window films. It does not detract from the outside appearance of the building. In fact, it dresses it up. The reflective material from the outside tends to eliminate the untidy look of any building, where blinds are half up and half down, or the drapes across windows can be in a variety of colors, highlighting a lack of uniformity in appearance.

If a building owner is considering awnings, drapes or blinds, there is a good chance that he can eliminate all these expensive window coverings completely by rather using transparent window film. It is also likely that all these window coverings will be more expensive than SFF’s window film.

Many companies today have committed to “going green” and are replacing drapes, blinds, as well as exterior screening with window film. There is also less maintenance on window film, as there are with other solar control devices.

Where office buildings are set side by side, privacy is an important point and SFF’s Privacy films will solve this problem. The tenant sitting across the way in another building will no longer have a view into your offices.

Excessive use of Air-conditioning on hot days can prove to be a nightmare when the electricity bills come around. Note: A 3m x 3m square area of a sun-facing window installed with sun control window film can equal up to one and a quarter tons of air-conditioning! Costs of air-conditioning can be drastically reduced and the time between maintenance and downtime of air-conditioning can be extended. All of these functions add up to money saved for the building owner.

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