Blinds & Curtaining

Note this question on an online help group regarding blinds.

The wood blinds which are installed on the windows of my home have become faded from sunlight. The color of the wood is in between a dark wood and light wood color. I’d like to replace them with a dark wood color, but I’m worried that they’re just going to become damaged like the current ones that I have. Does anyone have any low cost suggestions on how to protect the blinds from sunlight damage? I’m not looking to install high cost screens on the windows.

How would you respond? How about avoiding the question all together and offering your client window film which rejects damaging UV rays from direct sunlight, which is a major cause of fading.

Extend the lifespan of your products with help from SFF.

Reduce Fading & Damage

By installing SFF window film along with your blinds/curtains, will reduce fading and damage of not only your product, but the furniture and flooring of your clients home. Window film rejects 99% of the sun’s harmful rays which is a major cause of fading and damage.

Maintain Privacy

Reflective window film is ideal for situations where one-way daytime privacy is required. During daylight hours, the film will give the external side of glass a mirrored appearance, preventing vision through the glass. Your clients can open their blinds without fear of their privacy being violated.

Add window film to your portfolio and reap the benefits of an increased bottom line, life extension of your products and happier customers.

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