Automotive Dealerships

As a dealership, ensuring a vehicle leaves your showroom in pristine condition and with the best safety features is a priority. One such safety feature is safety window film, an added security feature to ensure your customers all round safety on the road.

While many dealerships outsource their window tinting, we would advise doing it in house. You would save tremendously. As you would pay dealer prices on the film as opposed to premium (mark- up) price plus labour.

The installation process is simple, and SFF has a training academy to ensure your staff get the best installation training and learn all tricks of the trade.

At SFF we make the installation process even easier by offering our Automotive Pre-Cuts kit. We custom cut window film to fit any vehicle window. The only thing required is the install and final trimming. This system will save you time and avoid excess wastage of the film you purchase. Getting you more out of your purchase.

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