Architects & Consulting Engineers

As an Architect your primary concern is the aesthetics of your buildings and the mechanical functions is secondary. This mechanical portion is left up to engineers. In modern times engineers favour “green technology” as the world encounters global warming as well as the emphasis on the reduction of carbon footprint.

Architects globally favour the use of reflective window films. SFF can offer you such reflective films which allow complete freedom of design in all areas. Window film is a functional product and will help eliminate heat and cold spots creating an all-round comfort zone and control over the sun. As far as design is concerned it also improves the aesthetics because the building has a uniform reflective look instead of various other types of shading products.

Architects today prefer to use plain glass with a reflective film as tinted glass does not offer the same degree of solar protection as solar control window film.

SFF’s window film assists in sun control and is the key to energy conservation. This is the simple truth. These window film helps conserve energy by reducing the heat and glare coming through windows by as much as 91%.

So on your next building project be sure to use SFF window film and support a greener future.

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