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Do it Yourself


Do It Yourself (DIY) or hire a professional? Fortunately, installing window film is not that hard and most people choose to do on their own if the film is installed properly. However, we have listed the installation process below. In any case, attaining an expert to evaluate your home and the elements of your windows although you will DIY will [...]

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SFF’s window films are DIY window film


SFF’s window films are DIY window film Step 1 to DIY Window Film Clean the window surface thoroughly. Avoid using spirits, turpentine or any decreasing detergents Remove paint or varnish on the glass with scraper blade. Fill up spray bottle; use the FILM ON SOLUTION - five bottle caps per 250ml of tap water. Should you run out of film [...]

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DIY Window Film Privacy


Do you need Window Film? Look no further than SFF’s stunning range of decorative and privacy window film. You will find a pattern and design style that will turn any glass surface and window into a work of art and add the level of privacy you prefer! If you are a little confused about the difference between decorative window film, window [...]

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