Do you need Window Film? Look no further than SFF’s stunning range of decorative and privacy window film. You will find a pattern and design style that will turn any glass surface and window into a work of art and add the level of privacy you prefer!

If you are a little confused about the difference between decorative window film, window tints and window stickers,don’t be, it’s really all the same thing, and SFF has made DIY window décor an easy, mess-free job that you can thoroughly enjoy without any hassle!

Windows with panes of glass present the perfect opportunity to go wild with design!  If you prefer more of a flowing effect that will keep a uniform pattern through all the panes, you will find that with the decorative window films, the design that inspires you and suits your personal style will be somewhere in the SFF range of decorative films!

Perhaps you are inspired by a Frosted Vine, Dusted Leaf, Frosted Bamboo or Clear Waters design, or, combining one or more of your favorite designs and incorporating them into the glass panes in and around your front door or windows; that variety is exactly what SFF offers!

SFF has always understood the need to stay on trend with the latest developments in window film, as the demand for decorative glass enhancement privacy films grew, SFF stayed a step ahead by creating the broadest range of decorative films and privacy films.

The fact that SFF can offer this phenomenal range at seriously competitive prices is directly related to the fact that the design and manufacture of their entire range, which includes automotive window tinting, smash & grab window tints &films for homes, cars and offices.

But back to the decorative window films!  If you love a stained-glass effect, SFF has made sure that you can achieve a beautiful stained-glass window decorative film that will cost you a fraction of what it would if you went for the real thing, and it will more than match the quality to boot!