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Window Tinting


WHY SHOULD YOU CONSIDER WINDOW TINTING FOR SAFETY? Window tinting is a revolutionary way of protecting yourself, your family and workers. Additionally, protection from various man made and natural disasters. Assuring safety and peace of mind. SOLAR PROTECTION: window tinting reduces solar energy by up to 90% and blocks 99% of UV rays increasing your comfort. Furthermore, window tinting reduces excessive [...]

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Window Tint for Your Home


The Many Benefits of Window Tint Protect Your Family Burglars tend to choose the easiest homes to break into. By using our professional window film services to install a window tint , you’re making your home a less attractive target for would-be home invaders. Those who do try to smash your windows will discover that they don’t shatter. This discourages [...]

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Window Tint for Your Office


Whether you are a small business or million-rand corporation, you do what it takes to reduce expenses and protect your bottom line. Modern architecture incorporates huge amounts of glass into commercial and office building designs. The same goes for retail storefronts. But all that beautiful commercial glass comes at a cost, which is why it is essential for you to [...]

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Window Manifestation Designs


It is a legal requirement that glazed screens and doors are clearly defined with window manifestation. Window Manifestation Designs and Signs provide an efficient, quick and cost-effective glass manifestation solution thus allowing your company to satisfy today’s stringent legal requirements helping avoid prosecution and potential hefty fines. Whilst glass manifestation is now a legal requirement for all glass partitions we at Solar Film [...]

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Reflective Window Tint For Home


Reflective window tint also known as Mirror Film or One-Way Vision Window Film is by far the most effective window film when it comes to excess sunlight and glare. The Window Film can be applied to most glass surfaces and the effects will be immediate. Reflective window tint has for long been the chosen solar control option for commercial buildings, due to its [...]

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Privacy Window Tint for Home


Privacy Window Film: Secure your home from nosy neighbors and prying eyes…. Leaving valuables at home near windows and doors without closing curtains and blinds during the daytime hours can be challenging and obvious to prying eyes. Closing blinds, curtains or even having net curtains can make the room dark or indicate to a potential thief that your property is [...]

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How Can Privacy Window Film Be Used to Increase Privacy in The Office?


The office environment is one where privacy is often extremely necessary, but this may be difficult to achieve if you work in an open space office. The reason for this is because of a variety of factors such as the office’s placement in relation to other people, the office space and layout, or the amount of people in the area. [...]

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Glass Manifestation Film Durban


Solar Film Foundation (SFF) are specialists in the designing, supplying and installing of Glass Manifestation Designs, for use on glass partitions, windows, shopfronts and in residential properties. Glass Manifestation is necessary on glass of certain size in certain locations, with the primary function to make the glass visible. Large expanses of clear glass can often be difficult to detect, making [...]

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Decorative Window Film


Decorative Window Film, Stained Glass Window Film, Window Privacy Film, and Frosted Glass Films. These interior decorative films are recommended for application to interior glass and to the inside surface of exterior glass. They add a designer touch on existing glass surfaces, without the expense of etching or replacing smooth glass with frosted glass. Decorative Window Film brings a unique [...]

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