Privacy Window Film: Secure your home from nosy neighbors and prying eyes….

Leaving valuables at home near windows and doors without closing curtains and blinds during the daytime hours can be challenging and obvious to prying eyes. Closing blinds, curtains or even having net curtains can make the room dark or indicate to a potential thief that your property is empty, away on holiday or at work, something police service advise against.

Applying our neutral privacy window film to your existing glazing, makes it virtually impossible to tell from both inside and out that a film has been applied, but will provide you with both privacy & security, preventing valuables in your home from being on show to potential thieves and onlookers.

What Window Film is best for you?

One-way Privacy Film can be achieved by applying a natural charcoal or silver tinted film to your existing glazing and yet still offer a clear view looking out. Privacy window film can help act as an anti-theft deterrent, making it possible to obscure the view through windows from prying eyes outside, whilst maintaining sufficient light transmission into your home without the need for lights on during the day.

For daytime and night time privacy, frosted or sand-blasted effect window film is the ideal solution for bathrooms or doors. Frosted window film will prevent a clear vision from either side of the glass. Our most popular Privacy Window Film is frosted sandblast. Sandblast is available for DIY or it can be installed professionally by our qualified installers.

Other Benefits

Apart from the added security and privacy with privacy window film, one application includes:

Reduce heat control gain from the sun.

  • Reduce glare on TV and computer.
  • Cut harmful UV radiation by 99% the main cause of fading to fabrics and the main cause of skin cancers.
  • Increased glass safety and security in the home.
  • Increase glass insulation. Keep your home and office warmer during the winter, save on energy bills.