The Many Benefits of Window Tint

Protect Your Family

Burglars tend to choose the easiest homes to break into. By using our professional window film services to install a window tint

, you’re making your home a less attractive target for would-be home invaders.

Those who do try to smash your windows will discover that they don’t shatter. This discourages burglars from taking further actions and the window tint protects your family from shattered glass-related injuries.

Block Harmful UV Rays

Our high-quality window tint reduces the ultraviolet rays that enter your home or office. Over time, sun damage can weather your furniture and fade your rugs.

It also increases the risk of skin cancer. Our window film and tinting services can give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve taken precautions against UV damage.

Safeguard Your Privacy

Your home is your own personal sanctuary. Now, you can enjoy the utmost in privacy with window tinting services from Solar Film Foundation(SFF).

Control Heat & Glare

Window film lets you take control of the hot summers. Tinted windows reduce the heat coming into your home and improve your family’s comfort by blocking glare.