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Commercial Glare Reduction Film


The sun’s glare can be a problem all year round, with the level of bright light transmitted through windows and glass causing potential visibility and comfort issues. An application of glare reduction film from SFF, can instantly make your premises more comfortable. Whether it is the long bright days of summer, or the low lying nature of the sun during [...]

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Commercial Heat Reduction Film


Heat - Glare - UV  Protection We have a comprehensive range of commercial solar control window films designed to help reduce solar heat build-up, glare and UV through glazing your office or workplace with our commercial heat reduction film. Solar heat transmitted through the glazing can rapidly become unbearable. Applying a solar control window film can deflect high levels of [...]

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Decorative Films Can Add Visual Interest and Style to Any Install Application


When it comes to creating a statement, you must always consider the design of your creation, decorative window films are a popular choice for several reasons. Decorative films are available in a variety of colours, patterns and styles to meet any design aesthetic and can also be used for both exterior and interior applications. Glass windows are being used at [...]

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Film Installation Tools


Tools for every move, and mood! We’ve all had that tough day where nothing seems to be going right, and we have a huge amount of work to get through. Luckily SFF has every tool you may ever need to make every installation of Window Film a breeze. The typical technician carries his tools with him all day and juggling [...]

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Home Heat and Glare Reduction


With South Africa in the middle of an energy crisis, we all need to help and do as much as we can to reduce our power consumption. Using a combination of solar window tinting and ceiling insulation, you can reduce energy consumption dramatically in your home or office. By using a solar shield on your windows, you will stop the [...]

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Privacy Window Film For Home And Office


Privacy Window Film: Secure your home from nosey neighbours and prying eyes.... Leaving valuables at home near windows and doors without closing curtains and blinds during the daytime hours can be challenging and obvious to prying eyes. Closing blinds, curtains or even having net curtains can make the room dark or indicate to a potential thief that your  property is [...]

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Residential Window Film


If you live in a region that enjoys abundant sunlight year-round, chances are good you already understand the benefits of tinting your windows. The right window tint can help to reduce the amount of sunlight coming in the windows, including harmful UV rays. During the summer months, this can not only help to protect interior surfaces from fading and allow you [...]

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Safety and Security Film


Fearless Design Requires Flawless Security. Danger is ever present, with SFF’s safety film, so is protection. Our safety and security film are made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound, our safety window film provides a thin, transparent barrier against hazards. The security film is durable and easy to install, we provide a simple, cost-effective alternative to new safety glazing. Our [...]

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Headlight Protection Film


Headlight Protection Film in the Spotlight Your vehicle’s headlights are vital to the safety of yourself and others on the road. Headlights are unfortunately one of the most exposed features of your car and as a result the most prone to damage. SFF’s Headlight Protection Film extends the life of your headlights by protecting them from nicks, scratches, chips and [...]

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