Heat – Glare – UV  Protection

We have a comprehensive range of commercial solar control window films designed to help reduce solar heat build-up, glare and UV through glazing your office or workplace with our commercial heat reduction film.

Solar heat transmitted through the glazing can rapidly become unbearable. Applying a solar control window film can deflect high levels of solar infrared heat radiation before entering a room, offering a strong protection against uncomfortable solar heat gain, hotspots and uneven temperature fluctuations. Solar control window film will save you money on your energy bills. Energy consumption and strain on air-conditioning or cooling systems will be reduced by keeping the sun’s heat out of the room.

What is window film?

Our solar control window film works by reflecting or filtering out select wavelengths of the sun’s infrared radiation using ceramic and precious metals. The transparent layers of high quality polyester are metallised, laminated, coated using special adhesives, ultraviolet inhibitors and tough protective scratch resistant coatings.

Our window film is metallised using sputtering technology. This process imbeds metal particles such as silver, stainless steel, copper, gold, titanium and chromium into a virgin polyester film to protect and keep your home or office properly insulated.

Rolls of film are unwound and passed over the target materials, depositing atoms evenly on the surface of the polyester film through ion bombardment. This ensures an even application, long lasting colour and excellent solar performance.

Why window film 

Our commercial solar control reflective window films are applied to your existing windows and include various benefits, window tints and performances that will cast-off high levels of the sun’s solar heat by up to 82% and cut annoying glare by up to 95%, improving the climate and occupant comfort. Most of our window films will reduce ultraviolet light (UV) by 99%, the main cause of fading to fabric and furnishings.