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Add a some graphics to your Car with a Vehicle Decal Durban


SFF is one of the leading specialist of vehicle decal Durban, vehicle wrapping and branding, vinyl printing and vinyl application in South Africa. With many years in the industry, Solar Film Foundation (SFF) has grown from a window film company to a vehicle and fleet wrapping company. With many specialist in many other divisions, however, they are the most recognized [...]

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SFF Believes that a Vehicle Wrap is an Investment!


vehicle wrap film is a great way to promote your business right on a moving billboard for thousands to see a day. Almost anything that is moving can be wrapped, no matter what size vehicle or what sized wrap. Common vehicle wrap films are for company vehicles, food trucks, boats, RVs and trucks. Even vehicles without engines can be wrapped [...]

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Corporate vehicle branding in Durban


Image Source: FreePik You can have the greatest product or service, but it is worthless if no one knows how to find your business you need Corporate vehicle branding in Durban. The necessity of corporate vehicle branding for brand recognition and expansion plays a huge role in advertising for it to be a success. What is corporate vehicle branding? Corporate [...]

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Cost-effective Choice Paint Protection Film


Paint Protection Film Durban Your vehicles paint protection film is the most important aesthetic feature. Paint Protection improves the look of the vehicle while preserving the quality of the paintwork. Your vehicle will always look “new” with protection films Durban SFF.  Very few things are worse than the dissatisfaction of having a boring and faded looking car. Our protection film Durban is the [...]

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The Effectiveness of Automotive Vehicle Branding


Automotive Vehicle Branding: In today’s competitive marketing environment, campaign managers are on a constant look out for advertising techniques that make their image stand out against the background of noisy messages being imposed by billboards, the internet and television. Grabbing the attention of your target audience is getting more challenging by the day; which is why many savvy marketing consultants [...]

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Benefits of Automotive Vehicle Wrapping


Automotive vehicle wrapping is one of the most cutting edge and exciting developments in recent times.  It offers an almost unrivaled advertising opportunity and attracts attention where ever your vehicle goes. It is a lot like driving around in your personal advertising billboard! Benefits of Automotive Vehicle wrapping:  Cost effective - more advertising impressions Brings roadside advertising to a new [...]

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SFF’s Paint Protection Film


SFF’s Paint Protection film is the act of applying a clear film over the original paint of the car to prevent the paint from getting scratched by debris and stones, or stained by bug acid, and droppings. The paint will be protected for years and will not lose its high gloss from direct daily sunlight. The Paint Protection film is [...]

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