Automotive vehicle wrapping is one of the most cutting edge and exciting developments in recent times.  It offers an almost unrivaled advertising opportunity and attracts attention where ever your vehicle goes.

It is a lot like driving around in your personal advertising billboard!

Benefits of Automotive Vehicle wrapping: 

  • Cost effective – more advertising impressions
  • Brings roadside advertising to a new level
  • An established, viable and proven technique which really works
  • Advertising from a commuting or roadside perspective
  • It is fast-evolving market
  • Protects vehicle paintwork – increases or maintains vehicles value
  • Can be changed regularly without expensive re-sprays
  • Investment as it grabs attention, empowering your vehicle as a mobile advertising medium.
  • Rand-for-rand one of the cheapest methods to maintain highly visible promotional presence.

FACT: Your vehicle or fleet is perhaps the ultimate advertising space at your disposal!

Based on a full wrap, which is reasonably average/lifespan for automotive vehicle wrapping. The cost really does break down small amounts for what is literally some of the most outstanding, big, colorful advertising you ever likely to do.  Compare to many other forms of advertising such as yellow pages, magazines ads, radio or TV, you’ll see that vehicle wrapping is a truly cost-effective alternative with a 100% guaranteed audience whether you driving or parked, anywhere, anytime!

Automotive vehicle wrapping really does offer the most exposure for the least amount of money!”

Automotive vehicle wrapping are full-colour high-resolution printed vinyl graphics with a protective laminate that are applied to cars, bakkies,trucks, boats, trains, buses and pretty much any other type of vehicle. Since they are printed from high resolution images and in essence driving billboards, businesses can almost use any of their own photos, logos and text that they currently possess.

Commercial vehicle branding is a term we use to represent any vehicle, whether it be a bakkie, car, truck,trailer, or other vehicle, that is being used as part of a business for marketing, promotion and advertising. Automotive vehicle wrapping is an effective promotion tool because they combine the key elements of marketing, advertising and branding, into one convenient and proven solution. They are high impact, cost effective and they work for all types of businesses.Vehicle branding allows a vehicle to serve as a low-cost mobile billboard seen everywhere a vehicle typically goes. Vehicle branding allow your vehicle to become a driven media. Automotive vehicle wrapping has become a passion of ours, we just love to change the look of a vehicle.