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Our safety film protects your windows


Safety Film Danger is ever present, with SFF’s safety film, so is protection. Made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound, our safety window film provides a thin, transparent barrier against threats. Durable and easy to install, we provide a simple, cost-effective alternative to new safety glazing. Our safety window film products are virtually transparent for enhanced window presentation aesthetics and [...]

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Safety film for cars is like insurance


Safety film for cars is like insurance – you never know when you are going to need it until it happens. SFF’S safety film is installed on your car windows and will be an “invisible constant protection” for you and your family against the unexpected. Statistics coming from world experts in safety film for cars show that damages to car side [...]

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Why you need safety film for glass doors?


Why you need safety film for glass doors? Glass is one of the potentially dangerous materials used in the construction of the home. As one safety expert succinctly put it: "If someone tried to introduce ordinary glass onto the market today he would certainly be prevented from doing so by existing safety regulations". The world would be a duller place without [...]

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Why you need clear safety film windows?


Tinted Safety Film (windows) Safety film windows provides an enhanced degree of safety by holding broken glass together in the event of an explosion, storm, earthquake, accident or vandalism. These special safety films (for windows) have been coloured or metalized, to provide the same great features found in solar control film. In addition to security features, tinted safety film rejects [...]

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