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Vehicle Branding Company Durban


SFF the Vehicle Branding Company Durban can make your vehicle stand out with a vinyl wrap! We can turn your vehicle into a powerful advertising tool! A busy vehicle can be seen by up to 3000 people in a single hour, park the vehicle in a prominent position & get even more exposure. At SFF the Vehicle Branding Company Durban, [...]

Vehicle Branding Company Durban2020-08-16T13:48:08+00:00

SFF’S Vehicle Headlight Protection Film


Headlight Protection Film in the Spotlight Today’ vehicle headlights are made of polycarbonate, which is more vulnerable to environmental factors than glass. There is a gamut of factors that contribute to the discoloration and to the oxidation of the protective coating placed on the lens, which is why it is paramount to have vehicle headlight protection film installed. The major [...]

SFF’S Vehicle Headlight Protection Film2020-08-16T13:12:57+00:00

Vehicle Sign Writing


You have a company vehicle, but no vehicle sign writing?! Imagine how many people you drive past every day. Whether it’s other drivers or pedestrians, your vehicle is seen by thousands of potential clients each year. So why not use your vehicle sign writing to get your brand noticed or advertise your product or service? From full color vehicle wraps [...]

Vehicle Sign Writing2020-08-16T13:07:28+00:00

A Unique Take on Vehicle Branding


Vehicle branding is a dynamic and uniquely creative communication medium which is digitally printed and applied in panel form onto the trailer of the vehicle. Wherever they go your name goes with them – through the suburban and city streets or out on the highway – people are everywhere. Solar Film Foundation offers its customers a unique take on vehicle [...]

A Unique Take on Vehicle Branding2020-08-16T12:54:41+00:00

UV Tint for Office Windows are the perfect solution


UV Tint for Office Windows are the perfect solution to block the harmful rays of the sun without losing your view. UV Tint for Office Windows can increase the energy efficiency of your office and protect your carpets and furniture, saving them from sun damage. What exactly is UV light? Sunlight, or solar radiation, has three components: visible light, ultraviolet [...]

UV Tint for Office Windows are the perfect solution2020-08-16T12:52:38+00:00

SFF’s UV Tint for Home Windows Helps Preserve


SFF’s UV Tint for home windows helps preserve the colour of fabrics, carpets and hardwood floors. If you’ve recently furnished or redecorated your home, good for you. There’s nothing better than a fresh new look. However, harmful ultraviolet rays can make things look old fast. We at SFF understand that you want to protect what’s important to you that is [...]

SFF’s UV Tint for Home Windows Helps Preserve2020-08-16T12:48:57+00:00

Protect Your Vehicle with SFF’s Smash and Grab Tint


At SFF we do more than just protect your vehicle, our smash and grab tint offers increased comfort for your vehicle by not only providing you safety and security but also heat rejection. Every one of our smash and grab tint products comes fully backed by years of refinement and a level of quality that rivals the best in the world. Smash [...]

Protect Your Vehicle with SFF’s Smash and Grab Tint2020-08-16T12:45:36+00:00

Reflective Window Tint for Office


Reflective window tint includes a kind of privacy window film which may be utilized to prevent people on one part of a window from having the ability to peer through to the other part of the window. This kind of Reflective window tint is commonly utilized for both commercial and residential applications to receive privacy from the outside world. But, [...]

Reflective Window Tint for Office2020-08-16T12:42:49+00:00

Filter Out Damaging UV Rays with Privacy Window Tint


Using privacy window tint residential for your home will keep spying eyes from checking out your house. All of us have windows so we can look outside, which stays the very same. Passers-by or neighbours can quickly check out your house. This can be a security problem or just merely make you feel unpleasant in your very own house. The [...]

Filter Out Damaging UV Rays with Privacy Window Tint2020-08-16T12:29:28+00:00

Advantages of Glass and Decorative Window Tint


Having decorative window tint installed on the glass as a decorative feature in homes and offices, has become a popular trend and for good reason. Decorative Window tint is an excellent way to take any glass in your space to the next level, whether it’s the windows letting in light from outdoors or glass panels that are part of conference [...]

Advantages of Glass and Decorative Window Tint2020-08-16T12:13:43+00:00

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