Reflective window tint includes a kind of privacy window film which may be utilized to prevent people on one part of a window from having the ability to peer through to the other part of the window.

This kind of Reflective window tint is commonly utilized for both commercial and residential applications to receive privacy from the outside world. But, it can also be used inside for warehouses, offices, and additional commercial applications to develop a one-way glass film in between interview bays, conference rooms, waiting rooms, or offices.

It doesn’t matter if it is an office building or a retail mall, an art gallery or an airport; customers, employees and business owners are all drawn to facilities rich in natural light. Yet such wide-open beauty comes at a high price for many building owners, managers and tenants. While glass lets in an abundance of natural light, it also allows excessive heat to build up indoors, sending energy costs soaring. Unfiltered ultraviolet rays can also damage interiors and create distracting glare.

With our reflective window tints protecting your building, you can optimize energy efficiency, prolonging the life of product displays and fine interiors, and even create a more productive atmosphere.

Reflective window tint is developed in one of two ways. Either the film utilizes heavy tinting, creating an opaque, dark view for an observer, or it’ll use a mirrored effect in order for the outside viewer to see a mirrored reflection. The reflective window tint is made so an observer’s view is obstructed, yet the internal occupants of a business or home still will have an unhampered look outside, and still will benefit from natural lighting.

One-way window films are manufactured utilizing vaporized metal layers which are laminated using a scratch-resistant layer. They’re resistant to damage and easy to clean. But, should a film become etched through vandalism or scratched, they’re a lot cheaper and easier to replace than a new window.
Besides privacy, the darkly tinted or mirrored window films also are very energy efficient, and block up to 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It’ll considerably mitigate solar heat gain, which drastically can decrease your yearly cooling expenses.