Solar Film Foundation focuses on the, supply of glass and wall enhancement products. We can tailor make a bespoke plan for your every household or office glass need, this ensures that we are the go-to Window Film Supplier that you always call on.

Best in class office print and an in-house illustrations group enable us to make full shading window designs, advanced backdrop and eye-catching print establishments, giving you the choice to truly convey life into your glass and coating.

Our Window Film Suppliers

We provide window film across Southern Africa, skilled and qualified window film suppliers to fit window film to your premise’s windows of any kind of size or area.

Our team suppliers are professionals in design and window film for our range of films from solar protection film, wellbeing and security film, fade and glare protection film just as printed designs, sign and advanced wallpaper. Possibly more critically, each group is greatly experienced in the variety of window films that we supply. We have the knowledge, and this ensures that we will provide you in the very best that the industry has to offer, enabling them to convey an expert administration whatever the area and circumstance.

As your trusted Window Film Supplier, we are completely prepared to handle any window predicament that you may have, including solar film, Safety and security film, blur and glare film, just as printed designs, sign and advanced backdrop. Each group is tremendously experienced in each kind of film in every possible condition, enabling them to convey an expert administration whatever the area and circumstance.

Home Window Film Suppliers

SFF also offer a wide scope of window films structured correctly for use in your home. Our products have been resolving glass related issues, for example, heat, glare, privacy and safety for quite a long time, so whatever the circumstance with your windows and glass, we can help.

We are able to supply you with however much detail as could be expected on the window films we supply, and the way they work and perform. The rundown underneath demonstrates a couple of normal issues that can be comprehended or enhanced with a use of window film:

Heat: Windows add to unsettling temperatures particularly in rooms with bunches of coating or studios. Our solar control films can help anticipate heat develop

Safety: Glass is a delicate material, so on the off chance that you have kids or pets or are essentially worried about your windows breaking.

Fading: Sunlight coming through your windows make furniture and deck blur. SFF supply window film that will chop down the unwelcome impacts.