Solar Film Foundation (SFF) is one of the biggest Window Film supplier companies in the Industry, we distribute quality window film benefits all through Southern Africa. Before selling you a window film, we evaluate the surface that requires window film, and your personal preferences and window film needs, from that point prompt and prescribe the best sun-based control film.

We plan and import products to guarantee that our clients can have the response to advancing and showing their organizations to its most extreme potential.

We take pride ensuring that our clients hit the nail on the head. From planning, drafting, making to selling a window graphics. Our team ensures that our products always fill the exact need for the proposed or intended for to attract.

Types of Window Film for Sale

There are a few different types of window tints available. Each offers its own set of advantages and costs. The four types of window tints are:

There are a couple of various sorts of window film accessible. Every offer its own arrangement of points of interest and expenses. The four kinds of window film for sale are:

  1. Decorative
  2. Heat
  3. Privacy
  4. Security

Decorative Window Film for Sale

Decorative window film can enhance your limit advance and showcase the look of recoloured, frosty or surfaced glass. They’re reusable and can be put on different surfaces. In any case, embellishing films don’t secure against high temperatures.

Heat Window Film for Sale

Heat window film generally lessen your vitality costs by keeping your home warm in winter and cool in seasonal. They can likewise slab practically all UV heats and strongly diminish glares in all rooms.

Privacy Window Film for Sale

If you value your privacy so much whether it be from your neighbours, colleagues or robbers, then privacy window film is ideal for you. They come in fluctuating degrees in dimness so regardless of what your preference, there is a privacy window film out there with your name on it.

Security Window Film for Sale

Truth be told, regardless of whether your window breaks, security film can hold the glass sections set up, diminishing your window fix cost. In this way, on the off chance that you live in an atmosphere that encounters overwhelming tempests, run with security window film.