Established in 1976, Solar Film Foundation better known as SFF, a Window Film Company is the leading distributor and installer of solar control window film and sign writing media in Africa.

What is Window film?

This can be defined in many ways but in simplest terms Window film is an effective solution to reduce fading in comparison to untreated glass. While window film does a tremendous job in reducing the amount of fading caused by harmful UV rays (blocking 99% or more), solar heat (cutting up to 82%), and visible light. It cannot eliminate 100% of the deteriorating effects of the sun.

According to Solar Film Foundation, a Window Film Company windows are a valuable source of light as well as providing a welcome view to the outside world. If you want to take advantage of SFF services at affordable prices while helping you gain that privacy in a stylish and effective way.

Window Film Companies like SFF offers frosted window film which will give your glass the appearance of acid etched glass, preventing vision both ways whilst still allowing high levels of light to pass through the glass. Their frosted vinyl can be computer cut or printed to take the form of patterns, logos and even artwork or designs which help create a truly bespoke privacy film.

SFF has accredited installation partners all across sub-Saharan Africa, making installation quick and easy. For more information contact them on 031 573 9000 today.

Window Film Company provides both one-way and two-way privacy, and can be printed to feature graphics or logos, as well as being combined with safety and security films.

Always keep it in mind that a good and experienced Window Film Company understands that security window film is very different from solar window film. Though some security film will block solar radiation, the primary purpose of window security film is to prevent shards of flying glass from injuring occupants if the window breaks.

Furthermore, the Window Film Company will teach you how Window Film affects glass? Glass is designed to act as a barrier from exterior elements forces like wind, rain and snow. While providing a natural view of the outside world.

When solar energy or sunlight, comprised of heat, light and UV Rays hits an untreated window, almost 90% of the energy is transmitted through the glass. In contrast, once solar control window film is applied to glass nearly 80% of solar energy can be blocked. The special dyes, metals or nano technology within the film, act as a solar energy barrier by either absorbing or reflecting a percentage of the energy from passing through the glass.