Window Film Cape Town, SFF is your one stop shop for everything that you require for your window filming and signwriting and graphics material. SFF offers a variety of window films and vinyls that can be utilized on glass, polycarbonate and Perspex among other different surfaces.

We also offer car window films for vehicle window tinting and energy reducing film, decorative and coloured films. So, whether you are looking to improve the appearance, reduces the fade of your vehicle seats, add security or want to claim back all your privacy rights, we have everything you need.

At SFF we are proudof our South African heritage.  We have even spread our wings past our borders and into the southern regions of Africa. Our proficient staff have played a major role in our success. Their attitude to offer the client the warmest service coupled with great quality products and inexpensive pricing makes us the number one choice.

 Some of the Advantages of Using SFF’s Window Film Cape Town

Visually Pleasing

Buildings can be transformed into striking examples of attractive architecture with the application of one of our extensive range of films.


We have been in the industry for over 40 years and have gotten loads of experience through the various projects we have managed. This knowledge we give freely to the all our clients ensuring that our clients enjoy our products to the fullest.

Need Installation for Window Film Cape Town ?

With Dealers across southern Africa it is easy to find an installation centre that is closest in your area.

Quality Products

We only supply the best products in the industry, most of our items are scratch resilient, and come with extensive guarantees.

Solar Control

Our films can be utilized to help regulate the temperature within buildings and vehicles. This helps lessen the cost and strain for expensive cooling units or blinds. This also protects the furniture within the building, by reducing the fade.