For many years Solar Film Foundation (SFF) has been one of the trusted vinyl suppliers with materials and specialty products in the signage and graphics industry. They have succeeded in blending internationally leading products with excellent service, to ensure clients receive the experience they deserve. This combination ensures clients the best possible partnership for their business requirements, on a national level.

Solar Film Foundation (SFF) has expanded their knowledge and range of top-quality heat transfer vinyls and papers to ensure an ongoing supply of these products throughout Southern Africa. The best vinyl suppliers in Durban, SFF sources the best products that allow for easy application of vinyl. Products that are extremely durable and have great wash ability. They have options for clients that have solvent, latex, laser, white toner and inkjet printers, as well as solid colours that can go onto a wide variety of fabrics including stretchy and waterproof fabrics.

  • Sign making Vinyl

You can choose from the comprehensive selection of coloured sign making vinyl ranges from Solar Film Foundation (SFF). The famous vinyl suppliers have everything from short term sign vinyl for indoor signage use to high performance long term sign making vinyl suitable for vehicle use. Need a sign making vinyl to be backlit or a coloured see-through vinyl? Look no further, Solar Film Foundation (SFF) has translucent and transparent coloured vinyl too.

  • Gemstone Metallic Vinyl

The best vinyl suppliers(SFF) also offer Gemstone Metallic Vinyl that is designed to give a high visual appeal to any graphics, this sign vinyl features a superb glossy surface, colour depth and complete opacity. Like most cast films it is easy to cut and apply to contoured surfaces. Ideal for a wide range of applications including car wrapping, marine graphics as well as exhibition graphics and POS displays.

  • Indoor Metallized Vinyl

These metallized signs making vinyl’s and films offer indefinite indoor life with proper care and handling as well as having an exterior life of up to 6 months on smooth flat surfaces (edge sealing is required).

  • Etch Glass Vinyl

They also have a complete range of etched glass vinyl including their best-selling standard silver glass etch vinyl as well as the very economical dusted etch vinyl.

SFF the recommended vinyl suppliers in Durban also have a selection of coloured etch sign vinyl as well as a superb choice of frosted etch vinyl and the new dry apply etch to make life easier. Available in chrome and other metallic effects these sign vinyl’s are perfect for creating eye catching displays and are commonly used in the exhibition and POS industries.

For more information, please go to Solar Film Foundation (SFF). To learn how to apply a vinyl sticker watch our ‘how to tutorial’ here.