vehicle headlight protection film are made of polycarbonate, which is more vulnerable to environmental factors than glass.

There is a gamut of factors that contribute to the discoloration and to the oxidation of the protective coating placed on the lens, which is why it is paramount to have a headlight protection film installed. The major hazards are sunlight, humidity, acid rain, cleaning chemicals, road debris and tiny insects. For your information, discoloration and oxidation can lower the headlight’s capability to project light, which significantly decreases night time effectiveness.

Installing headlight protection film is vital to the safety of yourself and others on the road. Headlights are unfortunately one of the most exposed features of your car and as a result the most prone to damage.

SFF’s Headlight Protection Film extends the life of your headlights by protecting them from nicks, scratches, chips and hazing. Locate an automotive film installer near you and get your headlights protected with the world’s leading brand in protective car film.

Vehicle Headlight Protection Film Benefits

Getting SFF’s Headlight Protection Film applied to your vehicle guarantees you get the quality of an internationally acclaimed brand of protection film and the following benefits:

 Safety Reinforcement

Your headlights illuminate your way and allow other vehicles to see you. This is vital for night-time driving safety. If your vehicle is fitted with a headlight protection film from SFF, your lights will be constantly and clearly visible due to the prevention of hazing and other environmental weathering factors.

Cost Effective

The replacement of your headlight glass is relatively expensive but essential for night-time visibility. You can limit this cost through the application of protective film for your headlights. Extend your headlights lifespan and ensure continued performance with this affordable alternative.

Easily Maintained

Our highly durable headlight protection film is easily maintained and if the film is damaged and needs to be replaced, you can easily remove the film yourself.