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2019 Wallpaper Trends


We all know wallpaper trends have been the best decor design of our parents and our grandparents’ times. 2019 wallpaper trends did not just appear from nowhere, but rather they date way back just after infusing the home decor wallpaper trends-sphere in the 70s to 90s. Recently wallpaper trends changed and took a turn experiencing a revival, with most stylish [...]

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What is a Wall Graphic Mural?


Have you ever walked into a room with plain white walls and felt your mood change drastically – there are limitless possibilities, that you can do with a plain wall. A wall mural is one of the great possibilities that you can take advantage of with a wall graphic, you can set the mood of a room with a beautiful [...]

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Office Branding Wall Graphics with Innovative Thinking


Office branding wall graphics with innovative thinking, dynamic and vibrant graphics and murals. Office branding wall graphics is a great way to display a company’s values and beliefs but is also important for your employees, being reminded of their role in the company and the values that they represent will be sure to give a sense of pride to anyone [...]

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