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What are the Benefits of Safety Window Film?


Safety Window Film is used to enhance the security of regular window glass, they can increase the strength of the window, which can delay or prevent entry by a burglar. Furthermore, Safety window film can reduce injuries caused by flying glass when the window is shattered. This could occur because of an accident, an act of vandalism, a bomb blast, [...]

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Advantages of Car Tinting


There are simply so many advantages of car tinting, and you can easily learn how to do it. Millions of South Africans enjoy the many benefits of car tinting on windows everyday. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of having your vehicle’s windows tinted, then this article will shed light on this popular topic. South Africa [...]

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Benefits of Having Car Window Film


Car Window Film: You take care of your car’s engine with regular tune-ups and maintenance, but have you thought about your car’s windows? You may think of window film, also called window tint, as just an aesthetic enhancement, but it also provides long-lasting functional benefits to protect you and your vehicle. Fade Reduction Your car is a valuable asset that [...]

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Safety film for cars is like insurance


Safety film for cars is like insurance – you never know when you are going to need it until it happens. SFF’S safety film is installed on your car windows and will be an “invisible constant protection” for you and your family against the unexpected. Statistics coming from world experts in safety film for cars show that damages to car side [...]

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