Strategy for: Office Branding Ideas

Office branding ideas a company employs to enhance positive impressions, build brand image effectively, attract more customers, and position favorably in terms of markets and competitors – it needs to ensure that corporate identity remains clear and constant.

It’s here that marketing and advertising must get up close and personal with the ‘not-to-be-trifled-with’ documented identity manual.

When implementing office branding ideas, you need to be aware that:

  • the reflection of logos, fonts, colours must be true across all reproductions
  • the house-style is followed meticulously
  • attention is paid to language, tone and taglines
  • details are devilishly important
  • consistency in appearance is crucial
  • the perception of continuity is vital for customer confidence
  • something as simple as the wrong sized logo can affect the strength of a company’s position

And above all, agencies need to be aware that:

  • you are helping a company to create reliable and instant recognition
  • your work serves to entrench a brand image in people’s minds

Corporate identity as brand personality

If corporate identity is the way you differentiate yourself in a roomful of competitors; the physical representation of who you are repeated meticulously across every space you can think of – then brand is that delicate linkage between physical and emotional perception. Brand is who you are but your brand is more than identity. It is not simply your logo splashed everywhere. Brand evokes feelings and expectations. It expresses the personality and character of a business. Customers must have confidence in a brand, it must be consistent not only in appearance, but in delivery.

If a major company with a powerful corporate identity has an expressed social responsibility programme, then many customers may view this favourably and associate this good feeling with the logo. In other words the logo and the brand will resonate positively. Or perhaps a high-tech company may come to be associated with clean corporate colours, unfussy advertising, green initiatives, etc, then that company will be viewed as both edgy and future-focused. Every time those logos appear, the impressions in the market will be reinforced and soon the identity is synonymous with brand.

But… one mistake… and brand reputation is in tatters overnight (for instance using an ad that even minimally degrades women or culture or race). In the minds of viewers, they suddenly see that corporate identity in an entirely different light.

Office Branding Ideas – Business, brand and balance 

A point that should always be remembered in office branding ideas is that brand image must remain consistent with a company’s ethos. And you can’t do that with a logo alone. While corporate identity must be strategically managed to build commitment among diverse stakeholders, promoting your visual identity in line with documented guidelines is only the first step on the ladder. It must be reinforced by product quality and client service. Obsessing over the exact dimensions of your logo while your product is faulty, or your staff are ill-trained, is very likely to lead to epic fail.

Ultimately your business is ethics, high standards and customer satisfaction – and your logo is simply there to remind everybody of this. Corporate identity and brand image are always about the value you deliver.