Smash and Grab Tint Johannesburg from Solar Film Foundation (SFF) offers more than just protection for your vehicle, these types of Smash and Grab tint will increase the comfort of your vehicle by not only providing you safety and security but also heat rejection.

How long does it take for Smash and Grab Tint to dry?

Generally, it takes from 3 days to 3 weeks for the film to dry out properly, depending on the type of film and how much sunlight the window gets. Most definitely, with the help of our application manual and the film cut to size for you.

Here are some of the types of Smash and Grab Tint Johannesburg you can choose from:

  • Metallic or Metallized Film

Metallic tints have a metallic look and feature an adhesive layer, a layer that blocks UV rays, a metallic layer that reflects light, and a protective outer layer. This type of tint does not fade, is very durable, and is great at reducing heat and UV reduction.

  • Dyed Film

This type of tint includes a layer of dye between an adhesive layer and a polyester top coating. The tint appears flat and opaque from the outside and gives the driver and passenger good visibility. Dyed film is non-reflective, less expensive, and blocks glare.

  • Factory

Several car manufacturers offer you the option of having a factory tint. Windows are permanently tinted via a process known as “deep dipping.” While this darkens the glass, it is not the best car window tint for heat reduction or UV protection. Typically, factory-tinted windows have a VLT index of 15 to 26 percent. This can cool your car’s interior but won’t offer a lot of privacy or protect you completely from the sun.

  • Carbon Film

Carbon tints block UV rays and interior fading. They reflect as much as 40 percent of infrared light with their dark, matte finish. They do not fade over time, and they help reduce overall fuel consumption because they cool your vehicle enough to reduce the amount of air conditioning you need.

  • Ceramic Film

The best ceramic tint features ceramic particles that are non-conductive. It performs very well and is the newest type of tint on the market. It blocks up to 99 percent of UV rays, reduces glare more than other types of tint and does not fade. It keeps your vehicle at the desired temperature and does not interfere with electronic signals; however, it’s more expensive than other types of tint.

So you have your Smash and Grab tint and you have no idea how to install it, we’ve made a simple tutorial for you to learn how a smash and grab tint. Click here to learn how.