Solar Film Foundation, offers smash and grab tint Durban to protect your vehicle from breakage and accidental damage. Smash and grab tint is a protective safety film that is applied to the vehicle windows, to help prevent smash and grab incidents. The protective film is usually tinted so that no one can see into the car, while also reducing the heat within the vehicle.

Established in 1976, Solar Film Foundation better known as SFF, is the leading distributor and installer of solar control window film media in Africa. The experienced obtained over years has played a huge role in making sure that only quality services is provided to customers.

Benefits of Smash and Grab Tint Durban:

  • Keep your car cooler. During the summer or in hot climates, the interior of your car can get very hot. The best auto tint will keep the interior cooler.
  • Block UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can be very harmful to the human body. It can cause a number of health issues, such as skin cancer (melanoma), cataracts, and premature skin aging.
  • Cut down glare. When you’re driving, the sun can be very bright, which can cause eye fatigue. The best window film for cars is particularly useful if you’re driving a long distance on a sunny day.
  • Get more privacy. The best auto window tint will conceal items inside your vehicle, particularly things in the back seat. It’s also more difficult to see people inside a car with a window tint.
  • Reduce fuel consumption. Since window tints keep your vehicle’s interior cooler, you’re less likely to crank up the air conditioner. This reduces the amount of fuel you use, saving you money.
  • Keep your interior from fading. The best-quality window tint will prevent the hot sun from penetrating the glass and fading your front and back seats, dashboard, and other interior areas.
  • Boost glass protection. The best window tint film has an adhesive layer that may prevent the glass from shattering if it is struck in an impact. This can help protect you and your passengers.

It is important to know that Smash and Grab Tint Durban also discourage thieves from breaking into your car, because they prevent thieves from seeing the contents. However, tinting isn’t a fool proof solution.

There are legal restrictions about how dark the tint can be so the driver can still see properly, and while there is some protection from not being able to see in, this is limited.

Getting a tint and film on your windows is the best combination for better protection. Give them a call today on 031 573 9000.