Protects Occupants

In an accident situation, Smash and Grab Film holds broken glass in one place and shields occupants from dangerous flying glass shards and intruding debris.

Protect Your Valuables

Smash and Grab Tinting is the best defense against a “smash and grab” attack. Smash and Grab Window  Film is like an invisible barrier that slows access to the vehicle, which creates more noise and gives you more time to escape.

Smash and Grab Film Options

Every one of our smash and grab prevention products comes fully backed by years of refinement and a level of quality that rivals the best in the world. Choose the best smash and grab for your needs.

Smash and Grab Film Translucent Levels include:

  • Clear:A transparent UV protection car window film, used when solar control is not required and protection from smash and grab attacks is all you want.
  • 50% Visual Light Transmission:This level of translucency provides solar and UV protection. It allows in 49% of light while blocking out 30% of the heat.
  • 35% Visual Light Transmission:This product is all you need if you are looking for the highest solar protection. It allows in 35% of visible light, blocks out 35% heat and provides 95% UV reduction.

Smash and Grab Tint Thickness:

  • Safe – 100 Micron: Smash and grab film holds shattered glass in place, reduces the likelihood of personal injury, protects property and deters smash and grab thieves.