Solar Film Foundation is the most experienced company in delivering quality smash and grab film Cape Town. SFF has grown into being a leading distributor and installer of solar control window film and sign writing media in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

They understand that the excess of heat through windows can make the interior of the cars hot and which tends to make the people uncomfortable, potentially causing problems in almost any room with windows which is why they provide the best Smash and Grab Film Cape Town to protect both you and your car.

Smash and Grab Film Cape Town have many benefits which includes protecting windows against, and lessens the damage from:

  • Reduction of damages

Security window film can provide benefits not directly related to security. These can include tinting of the window, reduction of the heat passing through the glass, and the reduction of damages caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

  • Forced Entry

Break entry is one of the biggest concerns to many, theft can cost retailers hundreds of thousands of rand in damage to windows and furnishings. SFF’s safety film deters forced entry by making windows harder to penetrate, which encourages would-be intruders to seek easier targets. Safety window film doesn’t block product displays, so you can deter thieves without discouraging customers. SFF safety film provides affordable protection for a variety of applications. These include commercial, residential, mass transit, and government facilities. Window safety film is ideal for unique applications such as glass display cases, balcony closures, and shower doors.

  • Accidental Breakage

When accidents or spontaneous breakage occur, shattered glass fragments can pose great risk of personal injury. Our safety film reduces this risk of injury and helps hold glass fragments in place until they can safely be removed and replaced. Windows are the most vulnerable part of any building’s façade and provide easy points of breakage by wind carried debris, vandalism and other accidents.

Types of Smash and Grab Film Cape Town may also include the following:

  • Non-reflective or dyed film– provides both heat and glare control through solar absorption. One of the most common and traditional non-reflective films is dyed films and they provide increased optical quality and clarity through strong glare control.
  • Reflective or metallized films– absorb as well as reflect solar energy, Metalized polyester film with an optical density It combines. high strength and durability, good dimensional stability and excellent chemical resistance.
  • Nano or ceramic films is an IR film that offers advanced heat rejection technology through its nano-particle ceramic construction.