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How does signage and weddings work together?

Below is the answer to the above question.

What is signage for wedding?

 A signage is a design or use of symbols and signs that are to pass a message to a group of people, in this case of a wedding these are signs that are used to communicate sittings of guests, welcoming guests and used for giving directions to the venue.

There are various types of wedding signages and they are also used at different weddings, below are the types of wedding signages for wedding:

Signage for wedding: Types

  • Welcoming signs
  • Wedding timeline
  • Ceremony sittings
  • Love quotes
  • Bar signs
  • Custom cocktails
  • Place cards
  • Mr and Mrs chairs signs

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For weddings, having signages can add a feel to the scene and be informative also at the same time below are the benefits of having signage for wedding.

Benefits of wedding signage

  • Signage for weddings are budget friendly
  • Wedding signages are easily accessible
  • Irresistibly Intimate
  • Signages for weddings make the scenery feel welcoming.
  • Even though signage for weddings is used to pass out information, they can also be used as decoration.

That was a mouthful of information, right? Now you can decide why signage for weddings are essentials and why choosing to use signage can come with a lot of benefits. Signage for a wedding has a lot of cons and pros to it when wanting to use or do such signages for a wedding it is always important to ask a professional to assist you with coming up with right choice of signages for the wedding.

Are you not sure what type of signage to use for your wedding? Below is an example of unplugged signages for wedding and how they are used or can be used at weddings.

An unplugged wedding is a wedding that does not allow the use of cell phones and all things handled cameras are prohibited during the ceremony. This is mainly to keep wedding guests in the moment with the couple.  Also, it prevents people from uploading a bunch of pictures online for people to see.

Even though the tech behind cameras has improved a lot, the skill behind a great photograph is still necessary.  The image that a professional will take will be better than the pictures a family or friend takes.

Signage wedding: Unplugged signage cons

  • Having an unplugged wedding, the most obvious hurdle, is to first let the guests know what your wishes are for the big day. It is vital that you are clear from the beginning. It should be mentioned on the invites, most of the time one can have an unplugged signage wedding at church, or ceremony entrance.
  • It is great in theory, because you can miss some shots when taking pictures which only guests can capture, as no matter how the photographer is they can never be everywhere at once.
  • A downside to an unplugged wedding is that guests can feel peeved about not being able to take pictures themselves, at the wedding day. A photobooth is one of the best options at the reception so the guests can have pictures from the day.

Signage wedding: Unplugged signage pros

  • Having an unplugged wedding at a tech free zone could be a solution to the cons of unplugged signages. Having your ceremony at a tech free zone, will allow your guests to be in the moment and this will make the ceremony very special rather than watching it from behind the screens, this means that as a couple you have full control over the ceremony images.