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How can you upgrade your restaurant?

That is a question that many restaurant owners should be asking themselves, and how using signage for restaurants can benefit the business or brand. Below is a definition of what signage for restaurant is.

What is the signage for restaurant?

A restaurant signage is a collective of public or display signs most likely to be graphic displays intended to convey information to an audience.

Purpose of signage

Signage serves the purpose of promoting, to identify, provide information, to give directions or to raise safety awareness.

Each layer of signage a restaurant uses serves a specific purpose to inform, direct, and sell their food or product to a potential customer.

Signage for restaurant are effectively, customers can enter the restaurant, get their order to what they desire, all without having to ask a store employee for help. This allows the restaurant workers to focus on other important tasks at hand to keep the restaurant running at its highest efficiency.

Below are examples of types of signages for restaurants.

Types of signage for restaurants

  • Sitting signage
  • Order signage
  • Menu signage
  • Bathroom or toilet signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Opening Hours
  • Instruction Signs
  • Theme Night Signs

Outdoor restaurant signage

  • Window Coverings
  • Window Clings
  • Perforated Vinyl Windows
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Frames
  • Vehicle graphics

Indoor restaurant signage

  • Register Displays – Signage used here can be used to advertise new menu products, up-sell drink orders, showcase a new promotion, etc.
  • Refreshment Graphics – Offer an opportunity to highlight a specific message to your guests as they get their drink.
  • Banners – Perfect for big announcements or promotions. Banners provide a large visual space to catch your guests attention as they enter your restaurant.
  • Table Tent/Card Advertisements – Will relay a specific message or promotion to your guests as they sit down at the table. This offers a place to communicate with your guest and get them engaged while they are eating or waiting for their food to arrive.
  • Food Signage Identifiers – Have a buffet style ordering system or display cases with multiple different food items to choose from? Having signage for each product is an excellent way to inform your guest what they are looking at and to help speed up the ordering and operations process.

Some different signages for restaurants can add some scenery to the restaurant and add a fill to the restaurant’s environment.

There are other permanent signages that restaurants can use such as:

  • Wall décor
  • Directional signage
  • Bathroom signage
  • Store hours signs
  • Occupancy signage
  • And other Important Regulatory Signage

However, with so much being said about signage for restaurant, this type of signages have the best benefits for restaurants. Below is the highlight of benefits of having signage for restaurants.

Signage for restaurants: Benefits

  • Provides lower cost and improves profit margin.
  • Provides, good customer experience and entertainment
  • Signages at restaurants promote visual appeal.
  • Makes communication easy.