At the end of this article you will understand why Signage for Hospital is essential. Have you notice how confusing hospitals are and how easily you get lost when you don’t know your way around? Therefore, Signage for Hospitals is imperative for any hospital to make the lives of the patients, doctors or employees easier.

Hospitals are the second busiest visited site in the world with more than 2,000 patients walking in and out every day and thousands of them being admitted.

Why Signage for Hospital are important?

Generally, Signage for Hospital makes life easier. Hospitals are always packed with long queues and long process moving from one door to another, so having clear signage directory is very helpful in a hospital. This helps to direct patients, staff and visitors to different areas and to prevent access to restricted areas.

  1. They provide information about the patients

This does not help the patients to know where they are going but also the new medical practitioners to find their way to the patients fast.

  • They are effective in informing everyone about the health care services.

For Hospitals Signage need to start being visible from the gates so that everyone can find their way easy and fast. It is highly possible that a new visitor might not know of all the services that the hospital offers having clear signage will help to inform everyone about the services found in the hospital.

  • They promote friendly identity for hospitals.

If people can find their way fast and easy, they feel welcomed and are more likely to visit again. Another bonus to this is that they tell others about the good services of the hospital.

  • They market hospital care facilities and institutions.

Whether it is a private of public institution hospitals needs marketing to attract more visitors and happy staff members.

What to consider when designing signage for hospital:

One thing that you always need to have in mind is that signage is designed to make life easier therefore everything should be clear and easy to read.

  • The font style chosen for signs should be a simple open style and easy to read.
  • The preferred lettering style is ‘Helvetica Medium’ or Arial.
  • Design a certain system to easily identify a specific place e.g. follow red feet to HPOD or follow green feet to MEDICINE.
  • Always use Internationally recognised pictograms when doing signage for hospital
  • Consider using External Directional Signs and External Illuminated Signs. Always make sure they are clear and simple.