Creating a decent business signage works in your favour because it becomes your companies’ image. Before clients/ customers get interested in what you do, they first need to be attracted to your company’s image.

Investing in signage can be a great marketing strategy as it contains the company’s logo that can reinforce the brand.

Types of signage for business

There are a variety of different types of signs that the business can use for both indoors and outdoors.

  • Exterior signage for business

Exterior signage gives you the first opportunity to make an impression on your visitors and attracts them to call again. They help to draw attention from potential clients that are passing by / customers and helps to differentiate landmarks and locations of your business. SFF offers you a high quality one – way graphics, to advertise your business using exterior signage

  • Interior signage for business

Interior signage helps to point customers, clients, visitors or staff to the right direction inside the business premises. It locates merchandise, advertise promotion/ specials and generally gives the whereabouts of the business. Our recommendation for interior signage, is to use vinyl stickers.

  • Billboards signage for business

If you want your business to be known all over then Billboards signage is the right signage to use. This type of signage is an effective way to generate name or product recognition with traveling consumers/ clients. It is highly recommended to put billboard signage up on busy roads or busy cities.

  • Industrial signage for business

This type of signage helps to improve safety precautions in the working environment with displays of safety, directional and instructional signage that needs to be rugged enough to withstand tough conditions.

  • Digital signage for business

Engaging with your clients/ customers online is one of the main benefits of digital signage because you have 100 control on any message display, and you have the power to change or update them message freely.

signage can be a great investment when it comes to marketing. It’s the most common method used to reaching thousands of potential customers, and the most cost-effective in comparison to other forms of advertising, such as radio, television and newspapers.

What to consider when designing signage:

  • Be specific

Always avoid beating around the bush always include specific details, such as location-specific instructions and relevant product information.

  • Create a call to action

Always keep it in mind that Signages are advertisements, clients/ customers need to be able to contact you, make telephone lines and social media platforms visible.

  • Keep it simple

Keep the saying in mind ‘simplicity is the best’. The signage message needs to be clear and short. Use the five-second rule and avoid jargon.

  • Write in headline text

Making sure that your text is clear, big enough and readable. this should help in your mission to be concise and simple all at once.