Signage designs are first things that customers notice; therefore they should make a good impression. Always opt for originality and uniqueness. The company’s designs are the image of the company, they say everything about the company’s and its professionalism. Remember that first impression last. 

Here are some of the tips to use to improve the company’s Signage designs:

  • Use Colour and Images.

To make your Signage designs more appealing you must be very sceptical with your use of colour. Make use of full-colour graphics to grab the reader’s eye.

  • Make it readable.

 Avoid overdoing the designs, most designers make this mistake and end up having unreadable signage. Use a design that highlights the letters, not the one that uses cursive letters, or a font that is difficult to read.

  • Make it POP

The sign and its message need to be visible from the standard viewing distance, and it should stand out from its surroundings. If your sign is small, use a dark backdrop and light letters, which will make the letters easier to read.

  • Keep it legible.

 Use clear typestyles and enough spacing to make sure words and letters can be easily read without getting to close to the signage.

  • Mix it up!

 Play around the design to find the right one that will best represent the company. Request at least 3 samples to choose from the designers and advise them to change the message, the size, the shape or the colour to continue holding your customers’ attention.

When creating Is your Signage designs ask yourself these following these 3 questions?

  1. Have I considered the audience? – knowing your audience will determine what kind of language you use on your signage. your audience guide you on the type of things to write on the signage.
  2. What type of signage is it? – deciding on the type of signage before anything will help to minimize confusion. Decide whether you want a car branding signage, banner, promotional advertisement or posters.
  3. Have I used use colour and contrast? –  basically, contrasting colours help your Signage designs to stand out a little bit more. It should always be too easy.

Types of signage letters to choose from to make your designs eye catching and professional are:

  • Built up acrylic illuminated letters.
  • Built up letters with halo illumination.
  • Stainless steel letters.
  • Channel letters.
  • Edge lit sign.
  • flexface light box.
  • illuminated box.

All of this can be achieved by working with a good designing company that is 100% experienced and working with a team of professionals to meet the client’s needs.