What is residential security film?

Residential security film, also commonly referred to as tint, is a specially designed protective film placed on windows that holds shattered glass in place, protecting you and your family from flying glass shards – in addition to providing a deterrent barrier against burglary and storm damage.

At SFF, we’re pleased to carry residential security films, known as the best-of-the-best.

If you’re like most homeowners today, you’re very concerned about the safety and security of your house — and windows are of particular concern for a variety of reasons.  For one, windows are the most fragile point of entry in most homes, and many homeowners take the security of their windows for granted, thinking that burglars are deterred from breaking windows due to the noise and attention they might create. Unfortunately, however, the sound of breaking glass is unlikely to catch the attention of a neighbour.  The fact is that most people will ignore the sound of a window breaking if they only hear it once.

Another reason why windows are a prime target for thieves is because they’re commonly shielded by tall vegetation or privacy fences, which may help to give you privacy, but it also provides a convenient shield for a thief to hide behind.

In addition to the security breaches windows offer, they can also shatter due to storms or accidents and harm occupants.  There’s good reason why people are told to go to a room without windows in the event of a tornado or severe storm warning.

Thanks to advances in residential security film for windows, there’s now a cost effective and ideal solution for both the security and safety of your windows and home!

Just some of the benefits of Residential Security Film:

  •  Crime prevention. Being that the residential security film holds glass in place, thieves don’t have quick and easy access through your windows to steal your valuables and harm your loved ones.  By significantly slowing down would-be thieves, it also increases the chances that they’ll move on to an easier target.
  • Accident avoidance.  When you have family, accidents are part of life.  However, with residential security film that holds glass fragments together, you can mitigate household accidents caused by broken windows and flying glass.